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Childhood Stories


You. All Right, so I'mhere with my podcast. I don't know why I thought I would be agood id do to do this, but you know, I'm here. I'mhappy to be here and I'm not sure if this is going to be aone and done thing, but I'm today, I'm Hunter Kufa and I'm here withBrady J and Riley, who helped me set this up and publish it. So, yeah, tell we will be discussing our interesting childhood stories.So from what? Swimming? Something? something. Yeah, so, whenI was a kid, around like the age of three or four, maybefive, I this big old war on my middle finger. So I'd walkaround with my little finger up, you know, like hey, check outmy wart and time. As an innocent little child, I had no ideawhat I was doing. So, like people always give me the look andI was like look, look, look at me, and then like yeah, they can kind of give me that look. And Yeah, I kindof did the same thing with my middle...

...finger. I like started playing withmy middle finger all of a sudden. I didn't know why it was likein fourth grade I didn't even know what it in man. Yeah, mysecond grade teacher should always point with her middle finger up on the board.We're guess what, in China this is your pinky figure. Holding your pinkyfinger up is basically holding up the middle thing. Yeah, because I gotthe time. We were kids. We had no idea what was doing realfinger. Oh, like you had no idea what man. And now itisn't mills like high scores. We still do it, but s I understandanything. We do understand. Some of US don't have that maturity level still. Okay, right, that's here. So I don't know what I livein, like Virginia or something like that. I was pretty dumb. So I'mlike, Hey, I dare remember brother. Hey, you swallows battery? Did you say no? I'm like all right, I'll do it.I swallowed the battery. Think La didn't die with what? For you atthis time I was probably probably like dumb,... seven. Wow, you're sixseven or what? Did you ever take the time to think that?Although I did not think of the time. I didn't even think it would killme at the time. Well, if the battery was charged. Idon't know if you've ever looked at battery. I mean I have, I'm different, but it's really painful. So if that gets lodged in your stomach, it's going to constantly be shocking you for so did you have to getit surgically removed or to just poop it out? I just proved it out. Oh, that's a shreads interesting. It's a great weak then clog you'replumbing up or anything. No, wow, wow, that's like, I meanthe wind. All right, you guys got anything to say about childhood? Yeah, well, I'll guess I'll share my interesting story having to dowith bathrooms of the apposite gender. So I was at red land high schoolin Lewis Burry, Pennsylvania, in two...

...thousand and sixteen and me having togo to the bathroom almost every twenty five minutes. Three, like three yearsago, only three years, like yeah, I almost four years me being theone who had to go to the bathroom five times in the last hourbecause I swallowed too much water. But anyway, so I walked down tothe bathrooms downstairs by the pool deck and they're like right next to each otherand they don't really distinctively. Know Tell you which bathroom is which. Imean I've been here before, so I know which bathrooms which. Me,who never pays attention to anything he does. Walks into a bathroom and I seeEllie sitting on a bench. Luckily there were no end there was nothing, anything scarring that I was going to have to face with the rest ofmy life. Now, surprisingly not. But she said what are you doingin here? I said going to the bathroom. You guys, you're inyour own bathroom. What are you doing? M Yeah, that's some school.They have like nongender bathrooms, like they have that a target, themultisex bathrooms for guys and girls, like...'s not like a single like theyjust walk in and there are stalls and yournals. Some girls. What's aYurnal? Oh, interesting story, where many people's were men ping. Inabout third grade, I was walking into the bathroom. Said A pee.I think I was coming out of Nice. Was this kindergarten, coming out ofthat Miss Powers Class US and going to the bathroom. Is some kidssit in there pants down, but in the Ernal that was all of us. Said you remember that? That's what we were all like that. Isay, I think I was just you bright. I don't even know whatI was remember. Kids even do that at Hershey Mark. You Walk inthere and they still do it every single day. I could find somebody likethat. No, but this gets taken a scrip crap in the ear likeand then they because. And then I remember in like fourth and fifth grade, we kept getting a joke something was we used to be in the furnace. Yeah, every single school, like when I was in Tennessee, thathappened to day. Oh Yeah, let... just in the Saint So wewould pee in them in just known no electric cheater, he's know, thesepeople would pee in the furnace. Basically meeting at the whole school is goingto smell like p because of that, because they of this. It's thepeas just gonna go cross the entire school, cause it doesn't smell any worse thanour school. Those yeah, moments when she was in high school.High School. Take that in your mind. Kids girls would write it, writemessages on the walls how they're POOP FECES BE SID to play. Oh, that's a surprise, but I get it. I got all right.So I have this one story. It was in there was in Tennessee,in the school named Ross few I was in. We were like line neateringstuff. Boys are like, Oh yeah, go to the bathroom if you needto. There is these kid in the bathroom for at least ten minutes. That sounds a brand. For half an hour and then that one timehe's Aj was going for half an hour. Yeah, I just hear wiping onthe floors, wiping on, and...

I go in. Once he getsout, he's like don't go in there and I'm like all right, butI go in there because why not? I'm curious. I go in.Poop everywhere on the floor. I didn't know what I don't got out ofthere. I'm like, don't go in there. This ball the floor.He's like wiping up his EAC shit like little she's accident. Didn't ever trylike with the tolet paper. I don't know. CEPER everywhere, just likerather than he just missed the bowl, you know, using the toilet wrong, somehow miss the bowl. I don't know. You got a little bitof poop on the floor and then he just like doesn't bother cleaning it up. Like the yeah, teacher, shoot on the floor. Didn't even knowother like doing that. Yeah, yeah, I don't know. Yeah, somy story kind of includes all of us. So back in the day, when we were young and dumb. That was actually like less than ayear ago. We get the point.

Yeah, but we saw this canof axe laying randomly on the bench and, you know, being the intelligent andthe swimming locker room. Yeah, in the swiming locker room. Butbeing the intelligent fourteen year olds we were, we decided to see what it was, you know, get a sense of the flavors, or not flavors, but the scent of it. By yet we sprad so much you couldyeah, you, it was so much the air was thick, like youcould breathe any care fece seconds, just forty five straight like that. Likeyou know that one kid you can just tell that he's in the school becauseyou just smells like Cologne. Well, imagine that, but like three timesworst. Yeah, and it's just like drafted out on the hi. Yeah, it's seat it in the water and you just taste it in the water. It's like I went to the bottom...

...of the pool. I could tasteit. What's okay, but like it's it was so thick that it putit like a layer over the pool deck. So anytime you go up to breathe. Yeah, all the people for the yeah, started to go home. Because they all so our swim coach, coach Leebo, or Mrs Leebo,as you guys may know, just on the other side of the pooldeck, but like twenty five yards away, including like the pool deck area.She starts like smelling in the air like a dog wood, and thenshe goes to the boys locker room because obviously, yeah, she sees USwalk out. She just like there's some out death. Yeah, she getsus the best air across the pool deck. Yeah, she did. She looksthat she slowly starts walking over. So, yeah, just like wheneverteacher comes around like checking your math don't work, it's just like, Idon't have it. Oh, yeah, as you doing it, but youjust kind of calls us over one by... She's like who did what? What's that smell? He did it. And then I mean, what isthat taste that? I'm like, well, it's pretty thick. Yeah, I was originally got to take it for the team and just say,Oh, yeah, that was just me, but ourselves. Yeah, cul labels, like yeah, I know all of you did it. So shegotta just said, Oh, if we want to impress the ladies, which, by the way, I'm pretty good at she said don't, don't,don't let the ladies eat acts. I mean it's probably not good to inhalelike, what was it? Water bottle size container of acts. So well, yeah, that's the story about that. If so, I'M gonna have tocall quits now because I don't want to make my first podcast two hourslong. Ten minutes. You actually are listening to this for the full amountof time. I like to thank you...

...for your dedication to tell you thatI will make another probably and we'll have something more interesting to talk about thanstupid shoudhooed stories. I can guarantee that. So thank you and I'll make anotherone.

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